Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Les Barnes’ passions fall in equal parts aquaculture and hospitality. As a child, he spent many early mornings at New York’s original Fulton Fish Market learning the art of fish buying from his father, and passionately honed those skills over the next fifty years. “My father learned the ropes fishing the North Sea and getting his start opening Fish & Chips joints in London. He would wake me up at 3:00 am, and we’d go off to the fish market to source standout fish—the type that jump out and say, ‘Buy me,’” says Barnes. By the age of twelve, Barnes knew all the fundamentals of buying and preparing fish, and with that knowledge, began working at his family’s restaurant, London Lennie’s in Queens NY. There he went on to learn about hospitality as he worked every station in the restaurant.

In time, Barnes developed friendships with the best fishmongers and oystermen in the Northeast, helping to forge the restaurant’s reputation as a premium seafood establishment with supremely fresh fish and honest pricing. A skilled aquaculture buff, he learned to tell a fresh fish from a day old one by merely looking at it. Barnes graduated from Florida International University in Miami, FL with a degree in Hospitality Management in 1977. Just days after graduation, Barnes drove up to New York to take over the family business. “There can only be one captain of this ship,” he exclaimed, a saying his father was fond of using with him. Barnes was given the keys to London Lennie’s, and as the reins were handed over, Barnes promised his father to continue the legacy of sourcing the highest quality seafood and contributes his success to this steadfast devotion to excellence.


Cedric – Executive Chef

Chef Cedric Lamouille in Saltaire Oyster Lounge in Port Chester NY

With roots that run deep in fine food and tradition, Chef Cedric Lamouille, along with restaurant owner Les Barnes “guru of fresh fish,” have collaborated on a great vision that has made Saltaire Oyster Bar & Fish House one of the top dining destinations for seafood in the tristate area.

His deep appreciation for French cuisine was developed from a very young age, as cooking was a big part of his family life. Born in Annecy, a medieval city to the north of the French Alps, every Sunday the extended family would meet for a gigantic reunion for the pure joy of sharing a meal together. In 1995 he graduated from the world-renowned institution L’Ecole Hôtelière de Thonon Les Bains, where he received formal restaurant training and a degree in Hospitality. Following this education, he was an apprentice under Chef Jean-Louis Gerin at the award-winning Restaurant JEAN-LOUIS in Greenwich, Connecticut. In 1998, Chef Cedric moved back to France and trained under acclaimed chef Guy Savoy, studying the nuances of classic French cuisine.

After returning to the United States and settling down in Greenwich, CT he worked again under Chef Jean Louis Gerin’s tutelage until 2009. Restaurant JEAN-LOUIS earned a reputation as perhaps the finest restaurant in Connecticut, and one of the best in the United States.

In 2016 Chef Cedric became the Executive Chef at Saltaire Oyster Bar & Fish House where his creativity, passion, and understanding of fresh seafood can be seen in each and every dish. From the raw bar to the juices and sauces, everything is made fresh with local and seasonal ingredients. Chef Cedric and his team craft signature sauces, great dips, toppings for exceptionally fresh oysters and cold appetizers that will ignite the palate.

“Only the freshest seafood makes it to our kitchen. If it’s not the best, it’s not for us!” – Cedric